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My collection of various works. I use people from my everyday life as characters and insert them into supernatural and fantastical settings. Everyone has a superpower.

Find yours.

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el Mundo es #art #artinus #artist #artistinus #talent #talentinus #bound #broth

Game Art

Iron S step 1 (Pencil and Pen)
Iron S step 2 (Logo Design)
Iron S step 2 (Base Colors)
Iron S step 4 (Shades)
Iron S step 5 (Tints and Detailing)
Iron Spider.jpg
Goku SS4.jpg
DBZ step 1 (Pencil and Pen Drawing)
DBZ step 2 (Base Colors)
DBZ step3 (Final Detailing)
Snake Eater.jpg
MGS step 1 (Pencil Drawing)
MGS step 2 (Pen Drawing)
MGS step 3 (Base Colors)
MGS step 4 (Tints and Shades)
MGS step 6 (Logo Drawing)
MGS step 6 (Final Detailing)
GOW step 1 (Pencil Drawing)
GOW step 2 (Pen Drawing)
GOW step 3 (Base Colors)
GOW step 4 (Tints and Shades)
GOW step 5 (Logo Outline)
GOW step 6 (Final Detailing)
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