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Artist InUs was founded by 2d illustration artist Muhammad Suber with a prime focus on youth empowerment and intent on developing artistic craftsmanship within an individual, creating at the least a profound foundation of endless possibility through his creative visuals. With art being his creative way of silent communication using simple but detailed shapes, numbers, and symbolic imagery of everyday life, he produces his very own form of Socially Engaged Art.


“As an artist, I believe it the beauty in the eye of the beholder. As a creator, I feel it my duty to deliver basics for a strong foundation.”


Superheroes come from far out galaxies and foreign planets to end up here on Earth. Normally, they come to serve and protect. From the unheard of to the most popular heroes and villains, their storylines depict life similar to our own yet entirely fictional.


“My work depicts heroes and villains very much the same way, patterned after real people who exist in my life. From friends, family and sometimes complete strangers - I create my own superheroes from those amongst me, reimagining our personal identities into the supernatural beings we often wish we were.”

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