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Lindsay Street Park

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In the summer of 2015, Park Pride led a robust community visioning process, led by a steering committee of 8 neighbors, to develop the future concept design of Mattie Freeland Park. The park was only a collection of vacant lots up to that point, so this process was catalytic in rallying neighbors’ support for the future of this space.

In September 2015, the Park Pride team presented their plan, which was shaped by input they received from more than 75 neighbors during the 4-month long process. The design includes a large play area for multiple age ranges, 2 outdoor pavilions (one for grilling), park benches and furniture, a large level play field, and a beautiful entrance plaza on D’Alvigney Street.

The plan was updated in 2018 and enhanced in 2020 with fresh ideas from local artists Osaze Stigler and Muhammad Suber. Please see their ideas by viewing the slideshow (click the button to the left).

Throughout Spring 2020, the Friends of the Park group will fine tune the design of the park and materials to be used. We hope to see park construction well underway by the summer!

Presentation Slides

January 2021


February 2020

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January 2019


The Fulton County Public Art Program in partnership with WRS presents the 2018 FineArt Acquisition Program Exhibition.


The exhibition will feature 114 pieces of art created by 81 Georgia-based artists, representing an investment of over $200,000 in the Georgia arts community, with $180,000 invested into Greater Metro Atlanta. Following the exhibition, the work will be installed in 14 libraries currently under renovation throughout Fulton County. 


You can view the collection for one month only, in one exhibition to experience the acquisition in its entirety. 

....Featured Works....

G Code

Original Size: 18x12 in
Description: “G Code” explores the unspoken wants and needs of a young female generation, depicting the relation between young girls in a classroom setting and how they befriend and confide in one another, building an everlasting code of conduct for themselves to prosper.

B Code

Original Size: 18x12 in
Description: “B Code” shows the connection boys build from an amazing perspective of crossed paths and simple similarities between each other, building a tighter bond with their strength in numbers and the simple techniques of cross hatching.

G Code.jpg
B Code.jpg

February 2018


A solo artist exhibition with a primary focus on young children and their growth interpreted with creative attributes and supernatural abilities. Ten original works of art depicting 7 various children. 5 of which will be in attendance for the duration of the show to model aside the works of art they are depicted in. A refined visual of life in the eyes of the artist, producing a surreal image of social autonomy for the audience to compare and contrast the artists work aside the individuals that it creatively recreates. This exhibit will create an opportunity for a social gathering of an elder community to rekindle with the creative aspects of life they sometimes often #art#artinus #artist #artistinus #bound#brotherhood #sisterhood #goldblooded#silvabackd #creativegenuis #dreamers#livelovelaugh #peace #love #happiness#akidshero #exhibition #atlanta

December 2017

The Imaginary Million 2017
December 1st, 8pm-11pm
At The Forum at Defoor
1710 Defoor Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

About The Imaginary Million
The Imaginary Million is a one-of-a-kind art auction/party that features the artwork of 100 Atlanta area artists, from
emerging to established, and elevates the participating artists as the stars of the show. The Imaginary Million is an art auction designed to elevate and empower artists. One hundred participating artists from varying disciplines
experiences, and backgrounds, each submit a work for the auction, and upon arrival, receive $10,000 of “imaginary money.” With this money, the artists are the exclusive patrons of the auction, using the imaginary money to bid on the work of their peers. The high-energy bidding war that ensues fosters a culture of peer collecting and empowers artists as both a leading voice and the talent of Atlanta’s burgeoning arts economy. Guests are invited to witness the competitive art-trade and to celebrate the empowerment of Atlanta’s artists over cocktails and music. A selection of art will be for sale to event attendees.


Buy Tickets and RSVP here.


View the list of participating artists here.


View the work for the Artist Auction here:


View the work available for open Consignment Sale


October 2017

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