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Born in Yonkers, New York, Artist InUs (Muhammad Suber) began sketching at about 4 years old. While growing predominantly self-taught, he started out using colored pencils, pens and markers to inject real-life figures into a fantasy setting, creating superheroes out of everyday people from his life into his work. His goals are to complete public art projects around his current hometown, Atlanta, and form an outreach to a community while breaking into the videogame industry as a 2D artist, creating a nonprofit that trains youth in artistic techniques and current 2D and 3D animation to increase the diversity of representation in emerging art-technology industries.


After featuring in The Art of Giving Showcase at A3C’s 15th Anniversary. Artist became a 2017 Hatch C4 Training Intensive participant, attending weekend coursework on community-based art, grant applications, and interacting in Atlanta’s public art community. He also showcased his art in various shows including: Focus, Art ‘n’ Spark, and TOSA fest. He has experience in portfolio and commissioned works of portraiture, landscape, logo and 2D illustration design using creative techniques such as pointillism, realism, and surrealism from a mixed medium of colored pencil, marker, pen & Ink, and an occupational brush and paint for the creation of his murals. Along with his work ethic, his advanced skills in the Adobe Suite with programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign to enhance the production process of his work’s progression, assisting in the ability to proceed on projects as a Fine Mural Artist.


He wants to used his talents and abilities along with entities like C4 and WonderRoot and Art on the Beltline to become more involved in community projects such as murals  in order to create a form of Socially Engaged Art with his creative vision.

Muhammad Suber

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